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All of these records were made using Pulse Technology.

Chris Atkinson - has only been in the sport for a few years. Has a passion for distance flying and has broken 6 world records on a combination of wheel base and foot launched PPG. Chris has a very big year planned for breaking records. His task has been made a lot easier thanks to Fireintheholedist.com and Pulstar plugs. These plugs make his engine run more efficiently and give him the edge he needs to compete against the worlds best.
Chris set the following records recorded by the FAI
RPL1T Distance in a straight line with limited fuel 196,376 km 2012-01-22 Chris Atkinson (AUS) preliminary record claim received 16431
RPL1T Distance in a closed circuit with limited fuel 132.059 km 2012-02-19 Chris Atkinson (AUS) preliminary record claim received 16489




Matt Fox

Matt Fox - flight instructor and owner of Tribal Flight Paragliding. Manufacturer of Discovery 2 paramotors and Quads. Has set two World's Records this year. The first, a closed circuit record on limited fuel on a wheelbase. The second, a closed circuit record on limited fuel.



Sub-Class Type of Record Performance Date Claimant Status Id
RPF1Tm speed over a straight course 80.0 km/h 2012-04-08 Ryan Shaw (USA) preliminary record claim received 16521
RPF1Tm Speed over a closed circuit of 50 km without landing 75 km/h 2012-03-31 Ryan Shaw (USA) preliminary record claim received 16518

Pascal Vallée is one of best acro and slalom competitors in the Paramotor world.

As of June 2012 he won the UK Open and placed 2nd at the French Nationals. He will be competing in the World Championships in Spain. Pascal is also a team member of the Parabatix Skyracers team.

Another believer that Pulse Technology gives you the "Edge".


More to come . . .



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