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Performance auto parts have found Pulsed Power Technology (PPT)

Pulsed Power Technology is the science of storing power for a relatively long period of time and then discharging the stored power in an instantaneous pulse of energy. Installing Pulsed Power Technology helps you to increase horsepower and torque in your power sports machines. That's why we say "AHEAD OF THE PACK IN A FLASH."


Pulse plugs are 10 times more powerful than spark plugs.

A simple way to think about Pulsed Power Technology is to think of pulse plugs being the flash on a camera, whereas spark plugs are more like a flashlight. A camera flash is exponentially brighter than a flashlight even though they both may use the same battery.

The spark comparison on this page demonstrates the size brightness of a spark plug vs. a pulse plug.  Here it is easy to see how much more energy is accumulated and dispersed to be used by your engine.

"Typically, the current peaks at the order of 1000 amps, with a period of about 10 nanosecods. The power of the Pulstar discharge is 10 mj/10 nsecs = 1 Megawatt. This very high power is what makes the Pulstar so effective." - Dr. Michael A.V.Ward, Ph.D., Harvard University, President, Combustion Electromagnetics Inc.


  In this high-speed video (shot at 68,000 frames per second), you can actually see, in real time, the ignition plume of a Pulstar® pulse plug growing at more than twice the speed of the iridium spark plug.


Pulstar plugs deliver the most efficient energy transfer from the ignition system to the combustion chamber. More power in, more power out.

Ignition velocity refers to the growth of the combustion flame front, the speed of which determines the amount of energy released from the fuel. The greater the amount of ignition energy, the larger the spark. The larger the spark, the more efficiently your engine can operate to produce horsepower or, inversely, better fuel economy.

Tests at an independent laboratory demonstrate how Pulstar® pulse plugs burn fuel more efficiently than spark plugs, increasing fuel efficiency.

So . . . no matter what power toy you fly, drive, float or ride, we have the way to light your fire!


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