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Pulse Plugs and DirectHits Technology

The Pulse Plugs and DirectHits ignition technology is a derivative of ultra-high pulsed power. In principle, using the original equipment (OE) ignition system, the technology creates a very dense, high-energy plasma during the spark event which in turn improves combustion quality.

The DirectHits products work on all current ignition types and any internal combustion spark ignited engine. The DirectHits capacitor is incredibly robust and more importantly one of very high “Q”, in fact Sandia National Laboratories in testing the product commented it was the best capacitor they every tested with regard to it’s ability to consistently deliver to claim over the spectrum of operation conditions.

Fits in All Engines

Proven Reliability

Lifetime Warranty

Meets CARB OBDII standards

Delivers Performance


Bench testing the capacitor in the laboratory yielded results beyond expectations, but would it perform in the field?

The variable nature of engine and combustion chamber design, engine state of tune, operator input, vehicle use, fuel quality, and other variables greatly contribute to engine and combustion efficiency. This  product consistently produces significant benefits.


GAIN: 1.1 ft/lbs = 22% improvement


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