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Read what some of our customers are saying about the most powerful spark plugs on the planet:

I did get the plugs and have installed one in my Flat Top Super. First thing out of the gate was my engine generally starts after a few cranks but it was almost instantaneously this time in 29 degrees. I will have to fly it to see the difference but I have a feeling it will increase response and power also. I have read about these plugs before but am really impressed with the out of the gate performance.

Captain John Black
Freedom Flight Center




I bought one of these pulse plugs and wow it just amazed me, since I expected no big difference.

I do have a Black Devil Motor and everyone knows... they sometimes turn on like cr..

I installed the Pulse Plug, primed my engine once and then first pull on the starter it turned on, instead of the usual 5 to 10 pulls :D

Woohoo awesome.

Best 31 $ I have invested in this motor so far.

Idle speed did not change at all, Temp and such canīt tell yet since I havenīt had a chance to go fly...

Regards Michael

Happy owner of a Black Angel erm,Black Devil Motor...




From: brent cameron <brentcam58@yahoo.com.au>
To: JIM DOYLE terjim@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: Direct hits have arrived


Hi Jim

I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" for such a great product which as a new customer I am very very happy indeed.

The Direct Hits, sparkplugs and sparkplug caps have been installed as per the easy to read instructions that came with the package, from my first impressions they have all performed without fault, what I immediately noticed was that the response of the motor from the moment that it fired up was very solid right from a cold start with the engine ticking over nicely, what I surly noticed and could easily hear was a stronger firing of the plugs while the motor was first cranking over prior to running.

Once the motor was powered up and running I could notice that when first applying power there was an overall improvement in pickup, with a very nice, solid and quick response to throttle input with excellent power being delivered throughout the full rev range from idle through to full power.

As with my motor being a two stroke engine running on a premixed fuel/oil ratio of 50/1 I could easily feel, hear, and see a solid improvement in the overall combustion of the fuel/oil mix, along with finding less oil residue left on the prop after running the motor for around fifteen minutes, as such I would therefore I have to assume a greater fuel/oil burn within the cylinders due to the stronger spark being generated by the Direct Hits.

Not sure how many Pilots have tried this Setup. I just recently started using this Direct Hit Capacitor/ Pulse plug combination. I have a Nirvana Rodeo/Simonini. I have been using it for about 8 hours flying, and I have to say its made a big difference to my motor's performance. It runs better, it starts much easier...and I know I am getting better mileage. The engine is cleaner, and the Plug is definitely cleaner after my 1-2 hour flights...great product for around $50. I will keep you posted....If its good enough for Chris Atkinson the World beater...its good enough for me .... check it out. Fireintheholedist.com /email : Jim Doyle

Regards Ray


I got into contact with Jim Doyle a while ago. I wanted to try some of the plugs I have seen him talk about on this forum. Jim comes across as a genuine bloke but I'm always cautious as there are a lot of snake oil salesmen out there. I achieve my World Records by getting small gains over a lot of areas and persistence. There are a lot a better pilots out there but my plan has been working for me.

The test engine was a Ros 125. The Standard plug was a NGK. The plug Tested was a Pulstar supplied by Jim to suit this engine. The results from this plug were outstanding. Jim was saying to expect about 150 rpm better performance. The test results were in excess of 300rpm on idle and at peak revs. Truly amazing. This means the plug is burning the fuel more efficiently. Same amount of fuel more then 300 revs more. Do yourself a favour and next time you want a plug give Jim a call. He certainly knows what he is talking about. I will definitely be using one on my next World Record attempt. Hopefully tomorrow.

- Chris Atkinson

** Chris did go on to set 2 world records for distance with limited fuel**
While Jim is a very nice guy, I think he does sell snake oil on the side. I also bought one of his plugs for my motor. I agree with you that this pulse plug burns fuel more efficient than standard plugs. Never a miss and since these plugs burn better, my exhaust isn't full of black burnt oil like it used to.

- Robert Archer


I got a pulse plug for my HE R-120 last year. I can't say enough good about it!  My only problem with it is that now my engine revs 280rpm over its maximum limit!
It is a great product!

- Robin Rumbolt

Light the fires and kick the tires, the Rocket is hot to trot now. :)

I have been working with our friend Jim Doyle and Pulstar, and they have sponsored the Rocket with some pulse plugs. Well, actually we have used Direct Hits modules that go on top of the plugs from Pulstar,

Today I installed the Direct Hits and also replaced the plugs with some NGK B8EGV plugs. Then I fired up the Rocket, and I could instantly tell that there was improvements.

First off, the engine started a lot easier cold.

It was also a LOT smoother and I believe that the idle rpm went up a bit,
though it was rather windy so that was hard to tell for sure. I watched the
EGTs and if anything the temps were lower slightly. I had worried that they might go up too high. This was great since the plugs that I removed looked like they were burning perfectly.

I ran them up to full throttle and let it sit there for a minute and then
slowly came back down through the range back to idle. Everything looked just super.

Next I shut it down and waited a few minutes. Then I did several starts and noted just how much easier it is now. Repeatedly, I could start it up by not even pulling hard or fast, but rather just a slow steady pull and only a little ways too. I can easily feel every compression stroke now that I have fresh pistons in it, and it started every time by pulling the rope until I felt 2-3 compressions, or 1-1.5 revolutions of the engine!

These Direct Hits should also increase the fuel efficiency and lower the fuel burn rate. I'll know more about that hopefully tomorrow. I hope to fly the setup if the winds will allow it.

Here is a photo of the Direct Hits installed on the Rocket.

Have a good one!
Steve Thomas
Hyperlite USA1B "Rocket", 583, TB E-310
E-Mail americanspirit@ bellsouth. net
Phone 270-293-5909



I replaced the stock plugs on my Honda VTX 1800 with Pulstars. NO MORE popping sounds as fuel ignites after it passes the exhaust valves. This tells me that I'm burning my fuel more efficiently and getting more power. I probably get better gas mileage, too.

- Michael Resudek



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